Introducing the iWig by Erica Luxembourg

We are delighted to introduce to you the iWig by Erica Luxembourg.  We are official UK stockists of this sought after collection of extraordinary wigs.   

There are 3 ranges in the iwig collection – the Classic,the Luxury and the Elite. Stock pieces are listed inidividually in our online shop. 


The iWig is different!  Differences that you can both see and feel. The iWig uses human hair that still has the natural cuticle intact, (a term referred to as “remy”), which is why iWigs do not to clump or tangle.


About iWigs

Senior buyers personally travel to Europe and sort through as much human hair as it takes to find the highest quality hair available on the market.

It’s not unusual for buyers to sort through 500 kilos of human hair just to find 20 precious kilos of hair that meet exacting high standards of perfect, healthy human hair.

How does the hair on an iWig move so naturally, so closely resembling the movement of real hair?  iWigs use human hair that still has the natural cuticle, (in trade terms “remy”). Each strand of hair is woven in the same direction just as it would grow on your scalp. This is why human hair iWigs do not to clump or tangle.

Not only is this human hair of the highest quality but so are the caps used. Unlike old-fashioned caps that can be heavy and itchy an iWig cap feels light, is breathable and extraordinarily comfortable. Not only does it feel great but it’s also virtually undetectable around the hairline, crown and parting.


The luxurious, comfortable and technically advanced cap is designed to pull heat and sweat away from your scalp whilst mimicking hair growth from the scalp using an advanced hand tied, multi- directional knotting technique.

The cap is a natural scalp colour and no wig cap will be required.   Hand-tied with multi-directional knotting and an exclusive lace front providing an amazingly realistic hairline.  Wearing a human hair wig has never felt so right or looked so real. 

Secured with “skin stick” material enabling you to wear you iWig with or without glue, combs or clips The exclusive lace front provides amazing realistic hairline.

solace cap
solace cap natural hair wigs

The I-Wig Ranges

Classic Range

If you are looking for the highest quality human hair on a budget, this is the range for you. Classic human hair has been carefully chosen to meet the highest of standards. These pieces can be styled and restyled to meet your mood or occasion, day to day wear, or evening chic. Soft, shiny hair that feels so silkly to the touch and is so very manageable. The hair curls up easily and will hold all day long.

This top quality hair comes straight with cuticles intact at a very affordable price.

Prices start from £1,560 Inc VAT, (£1,300 Exc VAT), rising with increased hair length.

Luxury Range

This is the real deal; luxury wavy European hair.

Our European hair is top of the line quality and coloured to perfection using the finest colouring processes to ensure the hair is not damaged and remains as close to its natural state as possible.

Say goodbye to perms! You’ll get gorgeous natural waves making it truly wash-and-go hair! Or, style it to your preference. Soft, luscious hair that requires minimal fuss, you’ll want this in your life.  We provide an added touch of luxury by fitting and styling these pieces in our salon to ensure a perfect fit for you!  Prices start from £1,680 inc VAT, (£1,400 Exc VAT), rising with increased hair length.

Elite Range

It simply does not get better than this elite virgin European hair.

If you want the best of the best, our elite virgin European hair is the hair for you. This hair is process free, tangle free, and with the cuticles still intact, it looks so shiny and feels so healthy. You can colour this hair as you desire, highlighting it or low lighting it, giving you the complete freedom to capture the look you desire. It is just like your natural hair. This range comes with our elite service; complimentary consultation, fitting and styling in our salon to ensure you are just as wowed as we are with this new piece.  Prices start from £2,040 inc VAT, (£1,700 Exc VAT), rising with increased hair length.

If you would like to discuss your options further, or make an appointment for a one to one, free private consultation, please give us a call on 07483 162 508 to book an appointment.