Rush from Ellen Wille Prime Power

A soft and slightly asymmetrical cut with unlimited styling versatility. The lightweight density and perfectly placed layers offer a natural look.  The nape has slightly flicked layers and a beautifully tapered hairline to ensure a very comfortable and secure fit. 

£420 inc VAT  (£350 exc VAT)

Bernstein RootedBernstein RootedBernstein Rooted A light brown base with a light honey blonde and light butterscotch blonde blend with darker roots.Champagne RootedChampagne RootedA light beige blonde with a medium honey blonde and platinum blond blend with darker roots.Chocolate MixChocolate MixA medium to dark brown base with highlights of a light, reddish brown.Dark Chocolate MixDark Chocolate MixA warm medium brown with a blend of dark brown and dark auburn.Espresso MixEspresso MixA base of darkest brown blended with both dark brown and a warm medium brown.Mocca RootedMocca RootedA medium brown with a blend of light brown and light auburn with darker roots.Smoke MixSmoke MixA medium brown blended with 35% pure white.Stone Grey MixStone Grey MixA pure silver white and pearl platinum blend.