Lacey Top Piece



One of our best sellers and ideal if you have never worn hair before as the density is light and the base is extremely thin and comfortable to wear.

£375 inc VAT  (£312.50 exc VAT)

Almond Caramel SpiceAlmond Caramel SpiceClassic Slightly Ashy Blonde.Almond Roast RootedAlmond Roast RootedLight Blond with High Light, Lowlights and Medium RootAmber Honey RootedAmber Honey RootedAmber Honey RootedBaby BlondeBaby BlondeVery Light BlondChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolate PuddingChocolate PuddingA blend of 2, 4 and 6 with a hint of ash.Coffee DolceCoffee DolceAn ashy highlight / lowlight blond.Creamy Vanilla RootedCreamy Vanilla RootedVery Light Blond with Subtle Lowlights and Very Light RootDark ChocolateDark ChocolateA warm dark brown.Dark Chocolate FrostedDark Chocolate FrostedDark Brown with 20% Grey (Half Grey is Dyed HH, Half High Heat Fiber)Iced Dark ChocolateIced Dark ChocolateDark Brown with 70% Grey (Half Grey is Dyed HH, Half High Heat Fiber)NoirNoir1b noirRoasted GingerRoasted GingerDark Base with Red HighlightsRoasted Vanilla Caramel RootedRoasted Vanilla Caramel RootedA warm medium / dark blond with highlights and lowlights and root.Tiramisu BlendTiramisu BlendAn ashy blend of 4, 6 and 8. Medium / light brown.Toffee Crème RootedToffee Crème RootedAn ashy medium / light blond with a dark root.Vanilla Caramel RootedVanilla Caramel RootedA very ashy medium / light blonde with a dark root.Vanilla Chai LatteVanilla Chai LatteHeavy highlights and lowlights. A brown blond.